Live to Love Intention

Live to Love is a “healing art rainbow”
in service of health, peace, wealth, joy, love, consciousness, light, healing, compassion, connection with the divine, liberation, freedom, presence, kindness, vulnerability, equanimity, sensibility, authenticity, free energy flow, honesty, sister & brotherhood, arts, holistic therapy, dance, movement, yoga, understanding, creativity, sacred sexuality, ecology, fun, solidarity, balance, laughter, lightness, mother earth, abundance on all levels, a healthy and respectful lifestyle....

....and veeery good vibes...
"NEW HUMANITY AWAKENING” in this new chapter
WE are aligned between heaven and earth as a multidimensional being, a time in which 
WE share our wisdom,
WE co- create for the highest good of all beings, 
all the projects and businesses get aligned with the hearth,
WE enter in our soul purpose power and highest potential, 
WE share our medicine
WE support and empower each other,
WE come out of the box,
WE enjoy this life, WE open up to life, 
WE are an actor of our life,
WE dare to live and manifest our dreams saying
“YES to life”, choose consciously our radio and affirm the vibration WE want to live in....

THANK YOU LIFE for this wonderful and precious experience!!
! Let’s create Heaven on Earth !
Yes, WE can! TOGETHER, WE can !!
Live to Love



" Whoever has not yet had a chance to meet Mona, should absolutely not miss out on any chance to do so…

I could write a book about her BEING, but since I don’t have the time to do that, nor you to read it, I will try to come down to the essence of what I have experienced Mona to be:

She is a “bomb of love”… you can feel that she is tapping into the Force of Love and Life of the Universe. She is so connected to Mother Earth and Father Son that her creativity and vibrant living force is just spilling over and has a direct enhancing impact on you.

Her work with disabled children and young adults is an incredible and stunning manifestation of her general attitude of being committed to a 1000% to any task she takes on. In whatever she does, she goes beyond her own limits, actually she has no limits, she just gives whatever it takes to make it happen. Her broad knowledge about natural healing and energies combined with her sensitivity, empathic grasping of a person and creative ways of expression make her a great therapist. "