We are what we eat

Everything in the universe is vibration. 

Food has a vibration too that influences our own vibration.

What nourishes me in life?

We are all nourished by ENERGY...dancing, singing, meditating, being in nature, practising, resting, painting, share love ...... connects us to source directly. 

Being nourished by life!... is much waster than just food. As we are a multidimensional being that needs be deeply nourished on all levels.


Polarity invites us to self-discover, observe and sense our relationship to food and his influence on our emotions, energy levels, sleep, sexuality, mental clarity and spiritual connection.


Individual Sessions 




Including 3 Polarity sessions, process of approx. 40 days


Nutritional cleansing cure for body, emotions, mind, spirit, house and all life spaces. Based on “the wave cure” it is a very gentle and soft process that equilibrates pH, liberates acidity and works on our relation with what nurtures us in life. The cure is adapted individually depending on your purpose and life situation.


Collective Workshops 



I am happy to share with you these 3h workshops

 Cleansing cure 

Frequency and Vibration of Food

Understanding the energy of food

through the elements


About Pranic Lifestyle 

pH acid-alcaline balance